Busting the Myth: Car Maintenance for Everyone

Busting the Myth: Car Maintenance for Everyone.

We've heard it all – "Cars can handle neglect," or "Maintenance is just a waste of money." In this post, we debunk common misconceptions about car maintenance and reveal how taking care of your vehicle can save you from costly repairs down the road.

  • -Why neglecting maintenance can lead to more expenses

-Brake Fluid- Undoubtedly, the brakes constitute the paramount safety subsystem within your vehicle. In accordance with manufacturer guidelines, the renewal of brake fluid is recommended every two to three years. Adhering to this timetable is of utmost significance due to brake fluid's innate tendency to attract and assimilate moisture, which in turn could induce corrosion within vital brake system components. The aftermath of such corrosion might entail system malfunction or other financially burdensome impairments.

-Engine Coolant- Engine coolant is endowed with additives that confer upon it an extended period of efficacy. These additives encompass corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, anti-foaming agents, pigments, and assorted agents tailored to safeguard the engine against the potentially detrimental effects of the water/alcohol amalgamation. The incorporation of these agents serves to preempt any corrosive impact that the mixture might otherwise inflict upon the engine, ensuring its longevity and seamless functionality.

All fluids have a shelf life and can break down between heating and cooling. Containments can get in the fluids over time and maintaining the car it's important to change your fluids.

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