Why are my brakes squeaking?





Why are my brakes squeaking?


There are many reasons why your brakes are squeaking but we have narrowed down a few that could be the cause.


First, the most recent could be a lack of driving. Nowadays with more people working from home, the lack of driving can cause the moving parts to freeze.


2nd, there could be an object stuck in the brakes.


3rd, there could be frozen calipers or caliper sliders.


4th, Seized brake pads.


5th, delaminated or rusted rotors which could be caused by rust, salt, lack of brake pad contact.


Last, your brake pads can be worn and getting ready for replacement.


Doing annual Brake Services can help to keep things working and not seize up. This will also extend the life of your brakes and rotors. If you have any questions or need Auto Repair Near Me to see if any of these are a problem. Call or text us at 585-586-4590 or stop by Pat’s Automotive, 103 Bluff Drive, East Rochester, NY 14445 anytime.


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