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Why Wont My Tire Pressure Light Go Off?


Why Wont My Tire Pressure Light Go Off?


Why Won't My Tire Pressure Light Go Off? The Tires are not inflated to your Car’s Recommended Tire Pressure, one or all of them. The Spare Tire sometimes has a Sensor on it so don’t forget to check that Tire Pressure.


There can be a Leak In The Tire by a puncture or a sharp Object Stuck In The Tire. Your Rim could be Dirty and need cleaning. The Sensor can actually be bad or broken and might need replacing. Lastly, Your Sensor might need to be reset. You can do this by Driving it so it can reset. Some Vehicles might need to be reset by a procedure or Scan Tool.


I don’t recommend going and replacing parts. Replacing random parts can be more costly than not. If you have any questions or need Auto Repair Near Me to see if any of these are a problem. Call us at 585-586-4590 or stop by Pat’s Radiator and Automotive, 103 Bluff Drive, East Rochester, NY 14445 anytime.


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