Shop Manager


Purpose of Position

The purpose of the Service Manager is to have available a responsible person who is able to manage the daily production activities, either in association with, or in the absence of, the business owner.


Service Manager must be able to clearly demonstrate their ability to set and reach performance goals. They must conduct every aspect of their job in an ethical manner. They must have the ability to sell recommended services; interview employment candidates; manage and motivate the company’s personnel; work well under pressure; and resolve customer as well as employee issues in a professional, expedient manner. In other words, “to lead by example”.

The Service Manager must be able to work a minimum of 45 hours a week on a regular basis.

Service Manager must also have the ability to manage and control the technical productivity, as well as be productive themselves.

Areas of Responsibility

Unless otherwise specified, the Service Manager is responsible for all the daily productivity in the business. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, a dedication to the company’s mission statement, to employee development, to company profitability and to 100% customer satisfaction. Also, maintain positive customer and employee relationships by operating in accordance with approved company policies and procedures as outlined here, in the employee manual and in task-specific procedures.


Many of the Service Manager’s responsibilities overlap with the Admin/Estimator and Office Manager. They assist each other toward a common goal where teamwork is key.

Specific Duties

  • Open shop and get business going in the morning. (Refer to Store Opening Tasks)
  • Manage daily technical production, including producing own work.
  • Order parts for specific repair orders by telephone, text, email and Internet.
  • Write up service jobs.
  • Add part numbers and canned jobs into software database as needed.
  • Write and sell service/repair to assist the achievement of monthly performance goals.
  • Follow/Maintain Pat’s Automotive 10 step Relationship Marketing System (RMS) process.
  • Maintain CSI program
  • Wrap up business and close shop at the end of the day. (Refer to Store Closing Tasks)
  • Clean front office and keep presentable.
  • Clean parts room.
  • Prepare Technician payroll.
  • Conduct ongoing image inspections of service department/bays and uniform compliance.
  • Oversea Shop equipment functionality and cleanliness.
  • Review weekly sales and key performance indicators with management team.
  • Attend/Hold semi-monthly meetings with technicians.
  • Review monthly sales and key performance indicators with management team.
  • Customer follow-up
  • Review monthly expenditures and performance goals with management team.
  • Take physical inventory of entire stock and purge unnecessary inventory.
  • Assist owner in Performance Review.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet and greet all customers in a gracious, professional manner.
  • Begin to develop customer satisfaction indices.
  • Track time for repair order to develop, maintain “standards”.
  • Contribute data as requested to the department operating budget.
  • Strive to reduce customer wait time to 5 minutes before helping them.
  • Schedule appointments on the customer appointment log.
  • Take complete customer information on repair order.
  • Communicate with customer to determine the nature of problem.
  • Complete detailed information on customer problem before passing on to service.
  • Communicate the dispatching of repair orders to the Technicians.
  • Organize daily work load.
  • Expedite all customer repair orders with Technicians twice daily.
  • Test drive all vehicles when requested.
  • Advise customer on car care.
  • Price any suggested additional work in accordance with pricing practices.
  • Indicate the exact repair instructions to both the Technician and the customer.


If you have any questions about this job description, contact the owner. You must notify the owner if at any time you cannot perform the job, or any portion of the job as described above.

This job description is not a contract for employment and pertains to all At Will associates only.