Meet the Team


Scott, Pat's Automotive


 Director of Eclectic Affairs 

Meet Scott, our dynamic CEO 3rd Generation Owner who's always up for an adventure! When he's not leading our team with passion and vision, you'll find him out in the wilderness, hunting and enjoying nature. Scott is a family man through and through, skiing with his four kids in the winter and embarking on epic summer RV trips with his wife and children. He's a true outdoorsman, spending his fall hunting season with friends and his kids, Lee and Teagan. Scott also has a fascination with gems, rocks, and crystals, often exploring and discovering with his son Hunter. With his love for travel, fun, and socializing, Scott brings a vibrant energy to our team and community.

Meggan, Pat's Automotive


Director of Brand Ambassador and Team Leadership

Meet Meggan, our brand development and team leadership guru. Meggan is a loving mom of four, with two boys and two girls, and a devoted wife to Scott. She's a fitness enthusiast who enjoys paddle boarding and boating, and her passion for health and exercise shines through. Meggan's love for travel and exploration takes her to new places, and she's an avid reader who's always eager to learn and grow.

With Meggan's boundless creativity and energy, she leads our brand development efforts while fostering a collaborative team environment. Join us on this exciting journey with Meggan as our guide, and watch our brand reach new heights!

Jane, Pat's Automotive


Executive Liaison of Client Relations and Leadership

Outside of work, I cherish my time with my husband Brenden and our three boys. With a background in higher education, I bring a unique perspective to my role.

I'm known for creating a warm and welcoming environment, often accompanied by my infectious laugh. My mission here is to ensure a seamless experience for both internal and external clients while upholding Pat's Automotive's values. Feel free to reach out anytime; let's make your journey with us exceptional. Welcome aboard!

Teagan, Pat's Automotive


Cocoa Connoisseur Extraordinaire

Meet Teagan, our Hot Cocoa Connoisseur! With a passion for marketing and a knack for taking captivating photos, she brings a touch of fun and creativity to our shop. Teagan is always ready to whip up a delicious cup of cocoa and add a sprinkle of joy to your day. Whether she's brainstorming new ideas or capturing the perfect shot, her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Join Teagan on a journey of flavor and fun at our shop!

Julie | Pat's Automotive


Director of First Impression

Meet Julie, our Director of First Impressions at Pat's Automotive.

She's not just the welcoming face you see when you walk in; she's the heart and soul of our team. Julie's a devoted mom, an animal lover, and a nature enthusiast who enjoys kayaking, hiking, and gardening. She's an adventurer, a fireworks enthusiast, and a world traveler, always eager to learn something new.

Julie's warm, friendly spirit sets the tone for your experience here. With a smile that makes you feel right at home, she ensures your visit to Pat's Automotive Garage starts on the perfect note. Her passion for life and people shines through, making her an integral part of our welcoming team.

Rob, Pat's Automotive


Master Automotive Guru 

Rob, our esteemed Master Technician, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our automotive team. With a successful marriage to his lovely wife Becky and three grown children, Rob not only excels in his professional role but also thrives in his personal life. His passion for outdoor activities, such as kayaking on the canal and biking, reflects his adventurous spirit and determination—a trait he seamlessly incorporates into his work at our shop.

Rob's commitment to our shop culture is unwavering, as he fosters camaraderie among his colleagues by engaging in playful banter and teamwork. Beyond the garage, he demonstrates his artistic side by playing the drums in a classic rock band that regularly performs in Rochester, showcasing his multitasking abilities and dedication to both his craft and his community. With Rob on our team, we benefit from not only his technical expertise but also his dynamic personality and passion for life.

Jake Pat's Automotive



Meet our up-and-coming technician, a youthful dynamo who's as passionate about camping, Fortnite, and hanging out with friends as they are about learning the ins and outs of vehicles. When not exploring the great outdoors or mastering virtual battlefields, they're eagerly absorbing every bit of automotive knowledge in the shop. With boundless energy and a thirst for learning, this rising star is not only the life of the party but also the future of our team, adding a dash of enthusiasm and excitement to the world of auto mechanics.

Spike, Pat's Automotive


Shop Mascot

Introducing Spike, the bearded dragon with a flair for the dramatic! With her stylish beard and sassy attitude, she's the undisputed queen of our shop. Spike spends her days basking in the warmth of the spotlight (and her heat lamp) while charming customers with her unique personality. When she's not busy being the center of attention, Spike enjoys lounging on her favorite rock and snacking on delicious crickets. Stop by our shop and say hello to Spike - she's always ready to add a little extra "spike" to your day!



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